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Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (2008 and 2009)
Outstanding Woman of New Hampshire Award (2007)

“Dasha joined Tarsus Online Media just out of college. We were very impressed by her obvious adoption of social media marketing techniques. Dasha saw the potential in the marketing shift taking place (the growing success of pull marketing over push marketing). Dasha took on a data management role at (trade show news network) delivering marketing lists to customers. In addition, Dasha developed a strategy to increase the visibility of TSNN through various social media marketing. In a search centric business environment where buyers are finding sellers online, Dasha can greatly help increase that visibility.
RD Whitney, CEO, Tarsus Online Media (USA), Tarsus Group plc

Dasha is responsible for our recent success in social media marketing. She's a pleasure to wo
rk with.”
Mike Mai, Associate Consultant, User Experience, Bit Group, Inc.

Darya is a savvy, efficient contractor who has shown herself to be indis
pensable to the smooth, day-to-day operation of my consultancy, STETrevisions. As an administrative contractor, she coordinates often labyrinthine activities that support my clients' projects; as good as she is at administrative support, however, Darya is much more: She is an all-around sound thinker and an excellent resource on the business applications of social media. I recommend Darya highly and without reservation.”

Brent Skinner , President & CEO, STETrevisions (a marketing and public relations consultancy)

“Darya is an amazing social networker. She knows how to use the tools successfully, and is always willing to help when asked. She's creative and always open to new ideas. I would recommend her unconditionally.”
Susan Friedmann, President, The Tradeshow Coach

Dasha truly has her finger on the pulse of Social Media and is out in front of any and all trends in that ever-changing space. She also has impeccable communication and inter-personal skills and is as ambitious (in a good way) as it gets. Any forward thinking organization would be lucky to have her on board.” October 29, 2010
Brian Bonner, Co-Director, The B4 Agency

“I met Dasha through Linkedin and had a gut feeling that she would be a performer in helping my business,
KGS Bikes, leverage social networking. I had hired contractors before and found that they either didn't work efficiently, wouldn't think when posting for me and as such made strategic errors that hurt my image in the network, or simply were not willing or able to go the extra mile.
Dasha has exceeded my expectations so well that my only problem in writing this recommendation is this could cause you to hire her away from me, which I would not like one bit! :) As long as I get Dasha's time first, however, you can hire her all you want. Since I found her, however, you have to wait in line when she reaches capacity. She is that good.
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value
Kevin Saunders, Owner, KGS Bikes

"I thought I knew how to maneuver my way around sights like Facebook and Linkedin, but what I discovered was that without the help of someone who specializes in social media, my business connections had no real purpose. Thanks Dasha!"
Nowlin Roberts, Nowlin Roberts Hair

“I am impressed by the work that Dasha has done for the City of Keene. She is a hard worker, a team player and goes the extra mile to be certain that her work product is first rate.

Darya Bushmakin conducted a study and prepared a report for the City of Keene as to how we could use “social media” in a municipal environment. Her work is being used as the basis for us to develop a policy for the use of social media in conducting city business. Her work product was excellent and we hope to use her on additional projects in the future.

William A Prokop, City of Keene, NH

"Because of her willingness to share her expertise with me, I have been able to grow my business exponentially and now use social media as an integral part of my marketing strategy. I highly recommend Dasha to any individual or organization looking to more effectively use social media for marketing and/or branding purposes."

For my organization Dasha was a wish granted.  She is professional, responsive, astute, and an inimitable master of her social media craft. “
Veronica N. Chapman, Founder, President, Boxxout

"Dasha volunteered to be a board member at Windy Row Learning Center, which is dedicated to helping dyslexic children learn to read. Her enthusiasm, maturity, excellent suggestions and willingness to take on new tasks made her a valued and equal participant on the board, even though she was by far the youngest member. She is an asset to any organization."

Sharon Bailly, President, Windy Row

"Dasha is organized, tech-savvy, and delegation efficient!"

Laina  Barakat, Director of Artist Relations, Starving Artist

“Darya interned at BudgetPulse an up and coming online personal budgeting software. She was responsible for helping build content, come up with ideas to improve the site, and to help market online through Social Media channels. She was consistent with getting her work done on time and in good quality, work that directly affected the site. She was proactive with her ideas on how to improve the site and was constantly asking questions on ways she could learn more about the industry and how she could improve her skills. She was a pleasure to work with.”
Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative

Craig Kessler, Marketing Director at iSquare Inc.

“The Keene Ice and Snow Festival is a community event that relies on the dedication and inventiveness of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to creating a day of free, family fun in celebration of winter. As a volunteer this year, Dasha proved to be invaluable as the chair of our musical entertainment and social media advisor. She was reliable, efficient, and extremely responsive. Her steady stream of ideas to help with publicity in the social media scene were resourceful and creative. Any organization would be lucky to have her working on their team.”

Cindy Boynton, Event Coordinator, Keene Ice and Snow Festival for the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce

“I was working on a Website for a Keene State College organization, that manages other organizations on campus, Darya is in one of the organizations that I needed information from. I asked other people for information in that organization but no one responded. I messaged Darya and 20 minutes later I had my answer.

Tyrel Souza, Student, Keene State College

Dary a is a

highly involved and prominent figure in both Greek Life (Delta Xi Ph i) an d Keene St ate College. Her persistence and social networking skills during her time as a stude

nt h ere will certainly pay off in the future!

Shannon Aubin, Student, Keene State College  (603)689-4513